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One addition that many companies are investing in for their modern offices is meeting pods. From noise reduction to confidentiality, these pods are ideal for small and large businesses. Having a more secluded area within an office space not only offers privacy for one-to-one meetings but can also provide a more personal, calmer area for employees to feel secure in. Whether they want to take their laptop into a meeting pod to work or use it as a safe space to talk to their colleague, creating these intimate rooms offers benefits to both the business and the employee.

What is an office meeting pod?

An office meeting pod, also known simply as a meeting pod or office pod, is a small, enclosed, and self-contained space within an office environment designed for meetings, discussions, or focused work. These pods are typically designed to provide a private and quiet area for employees to collaborate, hold meetings, or work on tasks that require concentration, all while minimising distractions from the surrounding office environment.

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Benefits of an office pod

Office meeting pods are a versatile solution to improve the functionality of open-plan offices and support different work styles and activities. Here are some of the benefits these pods have to offer:

  • Privacy: These pods provide a secluded space for confidential discussions, one-on-one meetings and phone calls.
  • Productivity: Due to minimal distractions and noise, meeting pods help employees concentrate on tasks and projects and promote productivity.
  • Collaboration: These spaces offer a focused environment where small-group discussions can thrive plus other collaborative work such as brainstorming, presentations, group meetings and online chat rooms.
  • Flexibility: Although originally used for meetings, these pods can cater for a number of different uses and are a good alternative to a standard office space.
  • Office design: Modern offices are now promoting good office design, with pods and open-plan layouts being a huge trend. These areas add something unique to a space and cater to the needs of a business.

Key features of an office meeting pod

Office pods vary in design and characteristics depending on the business needs, but here are some key features commonly found within these modern spaces:


Meeting pods are typically equipped with soundproofing materials such as acoustic glass to keep conversations within the pod private and to block out noise from the surrounding office environment. This feature is crucial for businesses that tend to have private meetings or confidential information being passed around. Soundproofed rooms also provide employees with a sense of security if they’re discussing something personal.


Pods offer a high level of privacy, often with a door that can be closed, allowing for confidential discussions or focused work without interruptions. Modern pods are also usually designed with glass walls or entrances to ensure they still know what’s going on around them and can be aware if someone were to approach the space.

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Like the rest of an office, pods are typically furnished with comfortable seating, a table or work surface, and sometimes additional amenities like charging ports, power outlets, or integrated technology for presentations or video conferences. These accessories not only provide a comfortable working space but are also equipped with everyone employees may need throughout the day.


Integrated lighting fixtures are common to provide adequate illumination for meetings or tasks. Some pods may have adjustable lighting options for different purposes or automation systems to ensure electricity isn’t being used when the pod is empty.


To ensure air quality and comfort, meeting pods usually have ventilation systems that provide a steady flow of fresh air. This feature is extremely important as good airflow and ventilation can affect productivity and health.


From small huddle spaces for 2-4 people to larger pods suitable for meetings with up to 6-8 individuals, office pods can come in a range of shapes and sizes in order to accommodate a business and fit into their existing office layout. When refurbishing an office, the size and shape of a pod will be considered during the space planning process.

Booking and reservation system

Large companies especially are benefitting from booking systems which allow employees to book meeting pods in advance, making it easier to manage their use efficiently.

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Some meeting pods are designed to be easily movable, allowing for flexibility in office layout and configuration. They must be easy to access with clear exits and entrances.

Technology Integration

Technology such as built-in screens, interactive whiteboards for presentations, video conferencing equipment, and connectivity options are all typically found within a meeting pod. Office technology allows for efficient working and incorporating this within a pod allows for easy collaboration and communication.


The design and aesthetics of meeting pods can vary to match the overall office decor and create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere which also fits into the company branding. When designing a pod, designers will consider features such as colour schemes, furniture choice, surfaces and hard materials.

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