Fire Rated Partitions from aci

In certain applications or situations it may be necessary to provide fire rating to your new office partitioning when judged against the current Building Regulations.This need not be as scary as it first sounds or add a massive amount to the cost of the overall project and we will guide you through the process, advising you every step of the way.

Here at aci™ we are able to simply and cost effectively provide an extensive range of fire rated partitions for your scheme, seamlessly integrating them with other more standard systems to achieve the overall desired effect – You wouldn’t notice the differences unless we pointed them out!

As partitioning is used in all types of buildings, with different applications, the performance criteria and desired appearance varies from scheme to scheme, but common requirements are:

  • 30/00 (30 minutes integrity / 00 minutes insulation)
  • 30/30 (30 minutes integrity / 30 minutes insulation)
  • 60/30 (60 minutes integrity / 30 minutes insulation)
  • 60/60 (60 minutes integrity / 60 minutes insulation)

When partitioning is installed in a new building it may be required to contain a fire within a space (compartment) or to provide a means of escape for personnel into which a fire cannot readily penetrate (protected corridor). In all instances, when correctly specified and installed, the partitioning can contribute massively to the safety of the occupants of a building and contain the effects of a fire.

aci™ will work in close partnership with approved Building Regulation specialists to ensure that the correct and most feasible solution is chosen for your application. Whether you need glass partitions for your office or industrial partitions for your warehouse we can make sure all safety standards are met.

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