Suspended Ceiling Installation from aci

When it comes to suspended ceiling installation, we’re able to provide a bespoke solution for your exact needs.

Suspended ceilings have been in use for many years in commercial and retail applications- nothing new there then! aci™ have been offering the service in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and London for years and we’ve built a reputation for quality in that time.

Look above your head now and there’s probably an unassuming 600×600 or 1200×600 ceiling grid with white lay-in tiles, however sometimes the purpose and function of the ceiling are overlooked. Well here at aci™ we take our work seriously and we are going to remind you of why getting us to install your suspended ceiling from us will bring you more benefits than just brightening up your working environment!

An Office with a Suspended Ceiling

Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

The basic advantages of choosing a suspended ceiling over a conventional plastered ceiling are:-

  • Easier, quicker and less costly to install than plasterboard construction
  • Pre finished. (no decorating required)
  • Optimisation of light reflection and thus saving on energy
  • Can be suspended from any stable soffit or ceiling type above
  • Gives easy access to the ceiling void (plenum) for the maintenance of electrics, pipe work etc
  • Allows for light fittings, air conditioning and other services to be easily recessed within the ceiling void

Just some of the areas we cover...

Plus many more. We cover the whole of the UK.