Suspended ceilings have been in use for many years in commercial and retail applications. aci™ have been installing suspended ceilings for years and we’ve built a reputation for quality in that time.

Dealing with us couldn’t be simpler. Our Suspended Ceiling service includes:

  • Free survey, advice, space planning and CAD plans
  • Free compliance checks for Building Control and Fire Compliance
  • Full integration with M&E and Electrical Works above the ceiling

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Bespoke Suspended Ceilings for modern business.

When it comes to suspended ceiling installation, we’re able to provide a bespoke solution for your exact needs.

Suspended ceilings have been in use for many years in commercial and retail applications- nothing new there then! aci™ have been offering the service in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and London for years and we’ve built a reputation for quality in that time.

Look above your head now and there’s probably an unassuming 600×600 or 1200×600 ceiling grid with white lay-in tiles, however sometimes the purpose and function of the ceiling are overlooked. Well here at aci™ we take our work seriously and we are going to remind you of why getting us to install your suspended ceiling from us will bring you more benefits than just brightening up your working environment!

The Benefits of Having A Suspended Ceiling Installed.

There are other advantages that are sometimes specifically designed into schemes and these are classed as ‘performance’ ceilings. Examples of some of these benefits are:

Fire Protection
Certain schemes will be required to comply with Building Regulations and must have inherent fire resistance to specified levels. A suspended ceiling can form part of a building’s fire protection and therefore must be correctly specified, designed and installed to the manufacturer’s requirements. aci™ takes this aspect very seriously and we will ensure that your project is fully compliant with the current guidelines.

Acoustics – Noise reduction, sound absorption and sound attenuation.
Noise reduction improves a work space’s level of comfort and improves work productivity. Properly specified acoustical ceilings reduce noise levels in interior spaces, using a combination of high performance sound absorption materials and improve room to room sound attenuation.

Thermal Insulation
Want your business to be green and at the same time save you money in the long run?
Specifying a tile and / or adding a mineral wool quilt overlay can significantly reduce the thermal energy loss of a building and keep your staff happier!

Hygiene / Sterile Applications
Health and safety is all important to meet today’s stringent industry requirements.
Sometimes this demands a ceiling type which conform to the regulations governing the food and health industries. Alongside this there are other industries which require a similar level of hygiene such as the electronics, fibre-optics, pharmaceuticals and computer industries and may also have requirements for environmentally controlled installations or may require Class 100 clean room conditions. aci™ have solutions to cater for even the most demanding of applications, please contact us to discuss.

Humidity Resistance
Have a specific area or application that has a high humidity requirement, well you are not alone. More and more ceilings are facing demanding conditions such as buildings with intermittent heating and cooling, areas with high concentration of people, structures that are open to the exterior environment etc. To meet and exceed these requirements aci™ choose from a wide range of ceiling and grid types that can cater for conditions of up to 95% Relative Humidity, some of which excel in conditions of up to 100% RH!

Whether you are looking to have a suspended ceiling installed locally to us in Derby or Nottingham, or even further afield such as Manchester and Peterborough, we can help! Get in touch with us today using the link below.

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