Industrial & Warehouse Partitions

Virtually every warehouse, factory and production area in the country will have some form of industrial partition system within it, but why?

Here at aci™ we think that Industrial partitioning is the unsung hero of the partitioning world. It is simply the most cost effective way of dividing up a given area, quickly and effectively, whilst still offering true relocatability in a robust package. The uses for industrial partitioning are pretty much limitless, but here are a few of the most popular applications to to get you started:-

  • Offices
  • Canteens
  • Secure stores / roofs
  • Departmental segregation
  • General screens
  • Goods in / out areas
  • Quarantine areas
  • Machine guards
  • Anti-collapse for racking

All of our systems are powder coated to give a long lasting, high quality finish and are interchangeable with often a combination of product types used to achieve the best solution. Use in conjunction with our mezzanine floors to fully kit out your commercial premises.

There’s a huge choice available when it comes to steel partitions and for that reason, we’ve dedicated an entire website to it! Please visit our sister company Industrial Partition Systems for more information on systems including mesh partitions, single and double skin steel partitions and specific systems for warehouses and factories.

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Industrial Partitioning Solutions We Offer

Single Skin Steel Partitioning – Offers exceptional strength, durability and versatility at the most cost effective end of all of the partitioning systems. The elevations can be made up of all mesh panels, steel panels or a mixture of the two. The system can also accommodate 6.4mm laminate safety glass or Perspex if required. Doors can be single, double or sliding and lockable with a 5 lever mortice or pad lockable with a hasp and staple provided. The system can be designed to be free standing with the use of mullion posts or can be fixed at the head to a ceiling or soffit.

Double Skin Steel Partitioning – Gives all the advantages of our single skin system but, as the name suggests, is double sided and flush on both sides, giving it a better appearance. This makes it ideal for creating offices, clean rooms and other working environments where a smooth, good looking finish is required. The system offers other advantages too, such as heat and sound insulation, fire rating of up to 1 hour and can also accommodate single or double glazed 6.4mm laminate safety glass. A popular scheme in a high bay warehouse will be a 2.7m high steel, glazed, steel system with an inset suspended ceiling over the top to create a bank of transport offices, for example.

Monobloc Timber Partitioning – Gives all the advantages of our double skin system but offers the user a stylish non-steel appearance more akin to a conventional plaster board system, whilst maintaining the durability and strength of our steel systems. The tough quality of Monobloc is derived from the 15mm thick high density chipboard panels bonded either side to 30mm flax slats that can either be supplied in a melamine finish or a factory bonded hard wearing vinyl, similar in appearance to one of our office partition systems. This dual personality makes it ideal for offices that are adjacent to production areas, have high traffic such as corridors or simply to create offices that may need to be reconfigured at a later date. The system offers other advantages too, such as heat and sound insulation, fire rating of up to 30 minutes and can also accommodate single or double glazed 6.4mm laminate safety glass with integral blinds. A common use is to form production offices or laboratories in a warehouse environment from a 3m high solid, glazed, solid system with an inset suspended ceiling over the top.

Warehouse Partition Walls

One of the main ways in which we are asked to install industrial partitions is as warehouse partition walls, allowing a warehouse to be segmented and broken up into fulfilment areas and administrative areas – without causing too much disruption. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help with industrial partitions or warehouse partition walls.

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