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The term office branding refers to the concept of shaping an office space into one that reflects your company, morals, values and people. This can be as simple as painting the office in signature company colours, sticking a logo to the wall or branding each piece of furniture and stationery. Implementing office branding can also include larger decisions such as installing partitions or open-plan working, adding artwork, breakout areas or unique features throughout. The branding concept could be part of the design or refurbishment process and is something which can be added or improved at any time!

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Why is office branding important?

Adding branding to an office can have numerous benefits in terms of employee satisfaction, brand identity, recruitment and reputation. Here are some of the main reasons why adding office branding is so important for a modern-day workplace.

Brand identity

Office branding helps to create a strong and consistent brand identity for employees, investors and visitors to enjoy. When these people enter an office, they should immediately recognize the company’s brand name, making the company more memorable and original. Companies can also carry their brand identity through online platforms which will immediately spark a memory.

Client and visitor perception

Carrying on from brand identity, a well-branded office will create a positive perception in the minds of clients and visitors. The space will demonstrate that the company is professional, established, and committed to its brand as well as reflect the community, passion and certain values. This will also help in terms of recruitment and retention as it will leave a positive impression on the current and potential staff.

Improves workplace culture

Office branding can help to create a positive workplace culture as employees feel connected to the company’s brand and each other. Staff are more likely to feel like they are part of a team and work together towards a common goal with signature branding creating a sense of belonging and community. Office branding can be implemented through features such as collaborative workplaces, kitchen areas and breakout rooms to enforce workplace relationships.

Differentiates from competitors

In a modern business environment, it is essential to differentiate from competitors and make your mark in any industry. Office branding can help companies stand out, create a unique identity and become memorable.

“While a strong brand positioning strategy is important in any sector, it seems particularly relevant in the flexible workspace sector because of the sheer amount of competition and the rapid market expansion. An estimated 35% a year rate of growth in the industry means that there’ll always be new competitors fighting for your business.”

Zoe Ellis-Moore, CEO & Founder of Spaces to Places

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Enhanced learning

Many businesses use office branding as a way to educate their staff throughout the day and display values, goals and information in a more adventurous way. This might include posting KPI posters, learning stations, interactive meeting rooms or company magazines.

Employee productivity

This then leads us to the concept of employee productivity. By adding office branding throughout the space, employee productivity will increase due to motivation, collaborations and a constant reminder of what the company expects or wants to achieve. Using features in office design such as enhanced learning will keep employees on track but also the community environment will make working there more enjoyable and social.

Examples of office branding

Each business will have its own preferences when it comes to decorating an office but there is a range of options available no matter how loud or simple an office needs to be. Office branding can be implemented through the following.

  • Brand colours
  • Fontwork and typography
  • Furniture
  • Logo design and graphics
  • Office Layout
  • Employee uniform
  • Washroom design
  • Artwork and accessories
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Office design and space planning are at the heart of everything that we do here at aci™. We know that a well-designed project is essential in providing our clients with the optimum space utilisation and therefore cost-effectiveness.

With a great office design, your staff will be a lot happier coming into work every day, making them more productive and a lot happier! With all that, brings your business more profit! Call one of our specialists today on 0115 697 1705 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.