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Workplace culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that define an organisation’s identity, reflected through how people interact with each other. A positive workplace culture can have numerous benefits for both the business and employees and is something which many companies take great pride in.

Over the years, the concept of having a strong workplace culture has become a priority for businesses across the world, encouraging mental well-being, relationships and collaborative working. By enforcing workplace culture, aspects such as employee retention, productivity, innovation, well-being, branding and recruitment can be improved.

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into the idea that workplace culture can improve employee retention and employee productivity and the reasons behind this.

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How can companies implement a strong workplace culture?

Promoting and maintaining a positive workplace can take time, but once this is in place, there can be a number of benefits for both the employer and the employee. Creating a sense of community in an office or space is highly valued and can result in higher or lower retention and productivity levels. Here are just a few key ways in which companies can implement a strong culture in the workplace.

  • Defining company values through good communication and implementing business practices
  • Having example management in place who reflect the company well
  • Taking values and attitudes into account when hiring new staff
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional development such as training programmes and courses
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Recognising and delivering feedback/praise
  • Request employee feedback and regular checkups
  • Have more personal support in place through 1-1 sessions, healthcare and employee benefits
  • Run events and non-work-related activities

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How can workplace culture affect employee retention?

The culture that employees work in can have a huge impact on business retention. A positive workplace culture that is inclusive, supportive and open will not only attract new talents but will also retain them. Positive workplace culture can affect retention levels by:

  • Enhance employee engagement, making them feel connected with those around them and build workplace relationship
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Encourage a sense of belonging
  • Provides opportunities for growth and development
  • Promotes work-life balance
  • Improved mental wellbeing

Likewise, a negative workplace can also cause the opposite effect. If employees are working in poor conditions, with limited communication or poor company values, this can result in low morale, burnout and ultimately, high turnover or low recruitment levels.

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How can workplace culture affect employee productivity?

Similar to retention, workplace culture can also have a positive and negative effect on productivity levels. If an employee isn’t satisfied in their environment, this is going to lead to limited motivation and potentially poor performance. Without key features such as collaborative working, communication, technologies inspiring office design and recognition, staff will lack the push they need and also feel as though they’re being underappreciated. In order to keep employees productive, businesses need to invest in their company through strategies such as culture, design, workplace technology and development.

How can office design improve workplace culture?

When it comes to boosting workplace culture and morale, office design is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go about it. Office design will create a space that employees love working in whilst also promoting productivity, wellness, teamwork and company branding. Other features within office design that can affect this is temperature, noise levels, ergonomics and space planning.

Here are some key ways in which office design can promote and improve workplace culture.

  • Creates a comfortable environment which is enjoyable to work in, implementing features such as lighting, air conditioning and health and safety
  • Collaborative working through collaborative workspaces
  • Reflects company values and beliefs through branding and displays
  • Welcomes room for growth
  • Improves communication and relationships

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Office design and office refurbishment by ACI

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