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Sustainability has been a widely popular topic for some time now with businesses focusing their efforts on new and improved ways to work more economically. The way we design commercial buildings, including offices is a big part of the conversation as this is the place where all the work takes place and is the hub of all business decisions and operations.

The UK has a target to hit net zero by 2050. This means many business owners have set their own goals in regard to how their company runs and how they are going to help the country meet this target. As well as investing in new technologies and reducing things such as waste, energy and raw materials, the office landscape is changing and transforming into a space which is considerate of its effects.

From building a low-carbon office to opting for renewable energy, sustainable office design is now home to a wide selection of modern trends and stunning interiors.

Find out more about what makes an office sustainable or discover the different laws and regulations surrounding having an eco-friendly business in the UK.

Gardens and outdoor facilities

Whether they are appropriate for work or solely used for break-out areas and lunchtime, outdoor spaces at an office have a range of benefits. Having a garden area is fantastic for the local ecosystem, filled with natural plants, grasses and shrubs that the likes of birds, bees and insects have access to. An added bonus to an outdoor space is that it creates an amazing opportunity to socialise without disturbing the rest of the office. It is also a well-known fact that getting outdoors is a great source of energy, boosting employees’ productivity levels and improving well-being in general.

Biomimicry design

Biomimicry design is an innovative approach to design that seeks to imitate nature’s patterns and strategies to solve human challenges and meet the needs of a customer or business. By studying and mimicking the forms, processes, and ecosystems found in the natural world, designers can create more efficient, sustainable, and resilient solutions that are fully operational and functional.

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Repairing vs replacing

Although not directly linked to the design of a space, one of the simplest trends we have seen in sustainable offices is repairing instead of replacing. Businesses are now opting for a more environmentally friendly approach when things need fixing or updating. Instead, repairs are being made where they can and waste is being reduced. Although not everything can be fixed, this also applies to furniture or fixtures that need a simple upgrade such as a new lick of paint, new handles or tightened bolts.

Indoor plants and greenery

Inviting the outdoors, in, has been proven to provide both physical and mental benefits to an office. Linked to mental well-being but also air quality, a big interior trend at the minute is indoor plants and greenery. These plants can remove toxins from the air and provide air purification, reducing the need for systems such as air conditioning units.

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Recycled materials

There has been an increase in the number of businesses that are opting for recycled or renewable materials when building their office space. Whether you are building a new building from scratch or just refurbishing your current facility, there are so many amazing quality materials available that don’t require new resources and toxins during the creation process. These materials can be used to build the property itself or used for fixtures, furniture and fittings.

Solar panels and solar energy

Opting for a renewable source of energy is one of the easiest ways to create a sustainable office and having solar panels attached to offices and commercial buildings is a trend that has been around for a while now. Used for offices, warehouses and factories, solar panels provide a business with year-round energy using natural sunlight and a reliable system. Solar panels can be attached to roofs or the side of the building as well as placed on the ground, providing a range of different looks and practicalities. Find out more about low carbon offices.

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Low carbon office fit-outs by ACI

Our design, engineering and installation teams are open to any requirements or specifications, including low-carbon and sustainable offices. We will support you and your company from the very start including the initial design to construction. We can help to turn your standard office space into a more ethical choice no matter how big the change might be.

If you need support or any advice on your new office fit-out, please get in touch with our office fit out contractors and we can get the process started! We’re more than happy to help you with any of your office fit-out and refurbishment needs. We offer our fit-out services in NottinghamBirmingham, Leicester and the rest of the UK.