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The average person will spend 90,000 of their life at work. While that might make for bleak reading, working in a job you genuinely enjoy you can make all the difference. As the old saying goes: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” A huge part of job satisfaction is the environment you work in. If your business has an office then considering what makes a good office space should be your top priority.

After all, when your employees are happy in their environment it shows. Not only will productivity increase but so will their overall job satisfaction. It will encourage a healthy working environment whereby your employees are given the best chance to shine. Here’s what you need to consider to make great office design happen.


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When installing office furniture you need to consider that your employees will be spending many hours using it. It’s imperative that the chair is comfortable to sit in and that it adequately promotes good posture. Ideally, both the chair and desk should be adjustable so that the height can be tailored to each employee. If possible, you may also want to consider standing desks too. Though at the very least, your employees shouldn’t be developing back or neck pain as a result of poor ergonomics. Otherwise, this will promote office sickness and a lack of job satisfaction. Have a read through our guide on office space planning to learn how to correctly plan your new workplace.


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Humans weren’t designed to be cooped up in four walls all day staring at a screen. Technology has come a long way, meaning most of what we do these days is digital. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t bring the outside in. A famous example is the Amazon Seattle office which features its very own biosphere. While it might not be practical to plant a tree in the middle of your conference table, you can still incorporate greenery or other aspects of nature. Plants also help improve air quality, which in turn promotes productivity and wellbeing. So, when design your office, keep the greenery in mind!


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Many different tasks take place in an office. If your current space is one blob of desks and chairs, this doesn’t leave much room for innovation. Wherever possible, try and work with the space you have to ensure your employee’s creativity isn’t stifled. If you hold meetings or phone calls, then this should either be in a separate room or have screening to create privacy in a meeting room. Open plan layouts are also a great idea, as they allow your employees to move freely between different departments.


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Technology is ever-changing, and when it comes to your office space, there are endless ways you can incorporate it to enhance the workplace experience and build a digital workplace. For example, temperature sensors ensure the room never gets too warm or cold. Air purifiers are also an excellent investment, especially with all the dust that our computers throw into the environment. Look out for devices that speed up your employee’s routines and make tasks easier to complete.


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We all have a responsibility to look after our planet and the office is no exception. Sustainability covers your energy and material consumption. Firstly, it’s important to make sure your office is energy efficient. If you own the space, then upgrading your windows and adding insulation will mean you need far less energy to keep it warm. For your materials, look wherever possible to reuse and recycle your items. Try to avoid using plastic as although it’s cheaper than wood or metal, it is more difficult to recycle.

Colour Scheme

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While we haven’t done an official survey on this one, if we had to guess, we’d estimate the majority of offices are painted white. On the one hand, white is clean and it can work to brighten a previously dull space. However, you have to factor in that if the space is too plain it can be very uninspiring to work in. Experimenting with colour is an excellent way to inject some personality. Whether you add a feature wall, coloured furniture or even some inspiring artwork, don’t be afraid to step away from the norm. A professional environment doesn’t always have to be boring!

Find Out More

As the hub of your business, your office speaks volumes about your company. Putting time and energy into developing your office space will ensure your employees are content and inspired. Given most of our lives are spent working, sprucing up your office to incorporate the above points is certainly a worthy investment.

Is your office space a little lacklustre? ACI is here to help. We’ve been helping businesses reimagine their office and commercial spaces since 2009. Based in Nottingham, we cover the whole of the UK including Derby, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester. From small re-fits to something a little more ambitious, drop us a line on 0115 939 7572 with your project enquiry and we’ll be in touch.

There’s a whole other world of working remotely or from home and with that in mind, there are of course a few essentials that you’ll need. Why not take a quick look at some home office essentials and find out more.