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Office Mezzanine Floors

Installing economical and durable mezzanine floor solutions for your office space

Increasing floor space and improving working environments

Mezzanine Floors are suitable for a variety of industries and are an ideal solution for office refurbishments and fit outs. This floor type offers office space, storage, style and durability. Our floors are installed in short timescales sometimes doubling your regular space without any re-location.

Top quality mezzanine flooring for any office space



We know that choosing a mezzanine floor contractor for your project is a very important decision, so we take the time to fully understand the things you need (and want) to achieve with your mezzanine flooring to create the office space you desire.



Gaining space, does not always mean finding a new bigger floor plate. Many offices have the option to add a mezzanine, and this is one of the most affordable ways to add a big increase in your capacity. Worried about the design and what loading the new floor can achieve? ACI provide all the resource to give you the answer. Call today to start your conversation.



Our experienced team of mezzanine floor fitters will take the plans we have created and complete your new flooring on time and on budget. Whether you are moving into a new space, or simply adding more space for an expanding workforce, we can help.



Once the work is complete, your project manager will go around and make sure everything meets our high standards. As soon as they’re happy, they’ll show you around and hand you the keys to your new space!

Helping companies large and small to create inspired workspaces since 2009

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Office Mezzanine Floor Experts

ACI offer innovative and timeless office floor solutions which are crafted to fit seamlessly into a range of business spaces. We provide quick floor installation which is pre-fabricated in order to reduce disruption, limit work time and keep cost to a minimum. All of our mezzanine flooring is checked and seen to by our expert craftsmen, from the design process right through to installation.


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What is a mezzanine floor?

If you’re unsure about what a mezzanine floor is here is a quick explanation but give us a call on 0115 939 7572 for more information.

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate level or levels between the floor and ceiling, helping to increase the efficiency of a space and the floor area within it. Mezzanines are often designed using a variety of materials such as steel, wood, or concrete. Mezzanine flooring also comes with a variety of benefits including increased storage, stock, added office space, retail flooring and elevated equipment.

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Mezzanine Floor Installation

Mezzanine floor installation by ACI. With years of experience and industry knowledge, the ACI team know the exact steps and procedures to deliver a high quality, practical, long lasting mezzanine floor project for offices, warehouses and industrial spaces. Our team of installers have all the necessary equipment and skills to plan and implement a mezzanine floor, covering a number of industries and solutions. We are also up to date with all the rules and regulations when it comes to mezzanine flooring to ensure your office is safe and ready for use.

We supply mezzanine floor solutions to areas such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby and the rest of the UK!

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Office mezzanine flooring across the UK

Planning an office fit out and want a mezzanine floor but are not sure if it is a viable option in your building, or are you unsure of the legal hurdles you must overcome? Here at aci™, we have the answers and experience to quickly assess your requirements, consider building regulation requirements and quote for a fully compliant mezzanine floor scheme – all free of charge!

Contact us today to arrange a free no-obligation consultation or call us now on 0115 939 7572, we look forward to giving your business the lift up it deserves!

Get in touch today and call us on 0115 939 7572 so that we can get started helping you create the perfect office space.

What is mezzanine flooring used for?

Mezzanine flooring can be used in a variety of industries and purposes. Used to create additional space in offices, retail and the industrial industry, mezzanine flooring can also be used for extra storage space and personal use areas.

Are there any size restrictions for mezzanine flooring?

There are no size restrictions when it comes to designing and fitting mezzanine flooring. It can be as small or large as your space needs. However, you must consider the size of the mezzanine in relation to the building.

What additional costs could be invovled?

Features such as fire protection, emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarms and relevant safety signs or precautions could effect the final cost of installation mezzanine flooring.

Do you need landlord permission to install a mezzanine floor?

This will all depend on your lease agreement. Asking your landlord first hand will be the solution as in most cases, you will need to inform your landlord of any proposed changes.

How many tiers of mexxanine flooring can my office have?

Depending on the height of the building, it is possible for an office or working environment to have several tiers of mezzanine flooring. This will all depend on the usage, budget and size of a business.

How will the installation process affect my business?

When working in a communal office, health and safety is crucial. The area in which the mezzanine floor is being installed will need to be marked off, providing our team of contractors easy access to the area, surrounding utilities and services.

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