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The ever-expanding concept of IoT promises to revolutionise the way we interact with our surroundings, and its integration into office design and fit-out is no exception. From enhancing employee productivity and well-being to promoting sustainability and security, the Internet of Things offers brand-new opportunities for workplaces, employers and employees. 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Although it sounds complicated, IoT is essentially the internet-connected gadgets that we see and use in our daily lives including smart speakers, smart TVs, Alexa’s and more. All of these devices are able to communicate with each other and automate different tasks, making them a form of IoT.  

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IoT in office design

As well as seeing these devices in a workplace as a means for entertainment, security or production, it’s also important to look at how IoT is affecting the design process. The Internet of Things is set to transform office design, creating intelligent, connected, and employee-centric workspaces in a brand-new, innovative sense. 

Smart spaces

Sensors, automated temperatures, lighting and ID recognition are just a few of the new smart features making their way into the offices of the world. These items come together to create specialised smart spaces which are packed out with new and improved technology that helps to optimise comfort, communication, energy efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability. An example of a smart space could be a meeting room, equipped with fingerprint sensors on the doors and automated lighting upon entry. 

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Connectivity and collaboration 

IoT-powered devices are used to facilitate collaborative workspaces and relationships between an employer, employees and clients through the use of video conferencing, virtual whiteboards, interactive presentations and smart communication platforms. These new platforms also facilitate businesses that operate through a hybrid or remote routine, offering new and simple solutions for agile working. 

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Security and safety 

Office security is a huge aspect of any design project and as technology advances, new and improved measures are coming to the surface in order to keep employees, visitors and equipment safe. IoT introduces features such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, smart locks and mobile connectivity in order to improve security and safety within a workplace whilst also offering more flexible solutions to keep up with the current hybrid climate. 


By implementing IoT devices in office design, businesses can begin to optimise resource usage and promote energy efficiency. Sustainable office design and green spaces are a huge trend at the moment, with many businesses working to improve their ESG and personal carbon footprints. Through investing in new and improved technologies,  eco-friendly solutions can be introduced such as automated lighting, automated air conditioning, recycled water usage and renewable energy sources. 

Employee wellness and wellbeing

Modern-day offices can adapt to the dynamic needs of employees through the use of smart furniture, ergonomic design and more specific details such as room temperature, air quality, interior design and noise levels. These features come together to create a comfortable, welcoming space where employees like to work and benefit on both an emotional and physical scale. 

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Data-driven decision making

IoT generates extensive amounts of data surrounding office usage, employee behaviours, and resource consumption. Office managers and designers can leverage this data to make informed decisions about space utilisation, resource allocation, and office layout, leading to more efficient and cost-effective office designs. 

Office design and space planning are at the heart of everything that we do here at aci™. We know that a well-designed project is essential in providing our clients with the optimum space utilisation and therefore cost-effectiveness.

With a great office design, your staff will be a lot happier coming to work every day, making them more productive and a lot happier! With all that, brings your business more profit!

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