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In today’s education system, classroom design is filled with technology, collaboration, freedom and adaptable environments. Classrooms are no longer designed with grey walls and one giant whiteboard. Instead, schools and facilities recognise the need for a safe, healthy and diverse approach which achieves the highest quality education and learning experiences. Enhancing classroom/educational design gives both students and staff an opportunity to think productively and creatively in a space they can truly thrive in and a community they love being a part of.

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Why classroom design is so important in schools and education systems

The design process, whether that be for a primary school classroom or sixth form common room, can have huge effects on student productivity and enjoyment, with a recent study showing that classroom design can impact learning by 25% in both a positive and negative stance. Successful classroom design will represent a balance between teaching methods and learning styles, combining the two to create a space that everyone can benefit from. Considering the design process is also key to utilising space and creating an area which is stimulating and valuable both physically and mentally. Here are just a few reasons why classroom design is so important.

  • Increases collaborative working
  • Promotes active learning
  • Creates a rewarding environment
  • Facilitates personal learning styles
  • Encourages student feedback
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Utilises space and resources
  • Creates a sense of community
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Key features of successful classroom design

Ensuring a classroom is enriching, incitive and practical comes with many different design features and investments. Many classrooms have areas of underutilised space or on the flip side, may feel cramped and overstimulating. However, with careful consideration of the furniture and layout, you can achieve the correct balance of space usage. There are also other environmental and physical factors that will impact students’ learning experiences including:

Classroom lighting

Natural daylight is pivotal when it comes to classroom design, which is why the majority of schools and institutions are built with a great mass of windows and doors. However, if and when sunlight is limited, adequate artificial light must be present. Having the correct amount of light in a classroom will prevent eyestrain, keep students alert and focused and also provide ventilation and health benefits.

Sound and acoustics

The sound and noise level in a classroom, lecture, playroom or even assembly room can have a great impact on learning and productivity. Achieving the right balance of sound, whether that be minimising background noise or amplifying voices will improve student experience whilst also making it more manageable to teach. Similarly, ventilation and temperature control are also key as this ensures the classroom is receiving fresh air in a comfortable working environment.


When a student is uncomfortable, they are more likely to be distracted, fidget and get restless. This is why furniture choice is so important. The furniture in a classroom must be focused and remain comfortable. Considering ergonimics is also a huge part of classroom furniture as the health and safety of the children, visitors and teachers are pivotal. This aspect also includes the importance of storage as adequate storage space will reduce clutter, keep things organised and save floor space.

Interior design

Successful classroom design will involve the inclusion of decorations, soft furnishings and finishing touches. The interior design aspect will need to be carefully considered when it comes to enhancing learning experiences, with colour and textures playing a big role. With plenty of research on colour and the mind, modern-day classrooms are experimenting more than ever before with bright colours, patterns and materials and moving away from the dark, corporate style. Classroom interior design will also include removing old furniture, and damaged or dated resources and investing in new technologies and equipment.

How does classroom design improve productivity?

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Students spend the majority of their time in a classroom, 5 days a week. So it’s important for this area to encourage and inspire whilst becoming a safe space for them to enjoy and grow in. By including features such as colour, comfortable seating, collaborative spaces, interactive materials and commercial design, classrooms can be a room which ignites creativity and productivity. Creating and implementing good design can also encourage students to want to attend and succeed in school as they will enjoy the work they are doing and be able to learn in a way which suits their needs. Productivity is all about limiting distraction and enabling students and teachers to flourish, so including all the features above, will improve concentration and reduce disturbance.

Education fit out by ACI

From rural primary schools for early learners right through to the biggest universities in the country, ACI has an abundance of experience in helping to create modern, practical and stylish classrooms. We have a full range of educational, office, and break-out furniture to meet all of your requirements and can also supply private study pods or collaborative seating booths for your sixth-form common room.

To see our education fit out’s in action, take a look through our recent projects for some inspiration or visit our service page here.

Whether you’re a primary school, college or academy, we have the skills and facilities to turn any tired old space into an inspirational place for students and staff to grow. Our team also understands how important classroom design is when it comes to productivity and inspiration, so will work with you to create a space which students and staff love.

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