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When it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, many executives will focus on the office design, as well as other factors like opening hours and the amount of meetings they hold that involve large numbers of people within the organisation. Most executives, however, do not focus on one of the main things that will increase the productivity of their employees. Office furniture.

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Office furniture, when properly planned, can have the biggest affect on productivity. Having the right chair and desk can increase productivity in major ways. Badly designed office furniture can have a dramatic effect on your productivity. Keep reading for more ways office furniture can increase your productivity.

Standing Desks

Adding standing desks or height adjustable desks into your office could be one of the best decisions you make. Not only do standing desks have great benefits when it comes to preventing back problems, but they can also have a great effect on your productivity.

Various studies have shown that standing desks can have a fantastic effect on your productivity! Some studies even indicate that employees who use a standing desk are 46% more productive than what they would be if they were sat down all day. This shows that being comfortable when you are at work has a great effect on your productivity!

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Ergonomic Seating

If you cannot have a standing desk in your office for some reason, then don’t fret, ergonomic seating can also have a fantastic effect on your productivity. As we all know, you are more productive when you are comfortable, which means that investing in comfortable seating will have terrific upsides for your business.

Working from 9-5 can become a huge burden if you are always sitting in an uncomfortable office chair from 10 years ago. Many people will not believe the difference it can make to productivity when you make that small investment in suitable chairs for both your employees and your office environment.

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Smart Storage

Storage and offices go hand in hand, but a lot of offices still use filing cabinets and sets of draws to store their client files. There are a wide array of ways to improve your productivity using smart storage.

One of the main ways is to integrate smart storage into your office is to start thinking about end units and pedestals. These are two great ways to allow you to store more files closer to your desk. If you are on the phone, for example, and a client is asking for information that you only have stored in their files, then you will no longer need to place them on hold while you search for the information. You can do it whilst on the phone, saving time!

Whilst their still is a case for storing files away from desks, for example, to allow your employees to stand up and get their bodies moving. As we all know, being tied to a desk for 8 hours a day is not healthy for anyone.

Unirack is also another great option for storage. If, for example, you have a large room full of files in your archive, you need an economic and cost-effective way to store all of these. Unirack is a great option as it does not take up a lot of space and can hold a large amount of information, especially paper-based files. Unirack also allows you to have a more organised filing system, making it less time-consuming to search for files you need to access.

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How can we help with your office furniture needs?

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