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Although it seems ecommerce is the new go-to for buying and selling products, car dealerships still play a critical role in the buying process. Car showrooms reinforce the sense of exclusivity that many owners want to feel when buying a new vehicle, especially if they are brand new models or considered a luxury ride. Showrooms are designed to create a powerful impression on the customer and ultimately drive sales, setting a good precedent for both the brand and the dealership company. Successful car showrooms are a result of meticulous planning and collaboration between brand representatives, developers, commercial designers, structural engineers and other expert advisors, all providing skills that produces an attractive, modern space which offers more than just a sales meeting.

Things to consider when designing a car showroom

Whether you sell second-hand cars locally or run a giant dealership stocking one brand of car, there are a number of features that need to be considered when designing and planning a car showroom. By checking off these things, you can ensure that all your stock is laid out effectively, customers are easily navigated throughout their visit and you’re making use of the space and resources around you.

  • The number of cars you want to display and how much room they each will require
  • Transport and movement throughout the day and allowing enough space for people and cars to move around
  • Location and sizing of the reception area
  • Private meeting rooms and employee desks
  • Client seating areas and amenities
  • Staff facilities
  • Outdoor space and requirements
  • Servicing and garage area
  • Washrooms
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Key features of a car showroom

Buying a new car is a huge investment and although some people might opt for online purchasing, there’s no doubt that seeing a car in front of you, taking a test drive and asking all your questions is a whole lot easier when done in person. A car showroom allows customers to visibly see and touch their new wheels whilst also allowing them to try it out which is something online purchasing lacks. Car showrooms also have a big focus on providing experience. A showroom is a whole experience, with businesses going above and beyond to ensure customers are happy with their purchase and feel confident to address any issues, concerns and preferences. Aside from quality customer service, here are some of the key interior features to consider when designing a car showroom.

Lighting and colour

When it comes to installing car showroom lighting, this is crucial for the representation of the cars and brand. Lighting style and quality need to reflect the overall brand style, which includes the tone of fittings and fixtures visible. Cars are made using coloured and highly reflective materials, therefore the role of showroom lighting is to enhance each vehicle’s form, shape and character to craft an even more aesthetically pleasing finish. Ultimately the lighting needs to create an atmosphere that will encourage sales and highlight the key features as well as present the cars in their truest form.

Space planning

Space is critical in ensuring that customers can move around the premises freely, cars are presented well and vehicles can also be moved inside and outside the premises without damage or destruction. When planning your showroom, you will want to carefully consider the space planning process, considering the goods, employees, customers, furniture and fixtures. Most car showrooms need a decent amount of space for their cars as you will need to make sure doors can be opened etc.

Furniture and amenities

As mentioned previously, visiting a car showroom is about creating a positive customer experience and most businesses will invest in quality furniture, tech and washrooms to ensure the space is attractive and user-friendly. Buying a car can take some time so there might also be investments in things such as coffee machines, vending machines, sofas and a gaming area.


Like any commercial property, having your branding and values throughout is key for business recognition. Whether you are a third-party supplier or the car brand itself, having a solid theme throughout is key. Branding might be done through logos and colour schemes, posters and murals or slogans.

Outdoor facilities

You will want to ensure that you also have external space for customers, extra car stock and any visitors. Outdoor facilities will include guest parking as well as a place to park all your extra cars that are on sale. Many car showrooms also offer services such as yearly servicing, MOT and repairs meaning you will need a space for a garage and any work that needs to be done.

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Car showroom fit-outs

Here at aci™ we are self-confessed petrol heads and will genuinely go that extra mile to make your showroom look amazing and exceed your expectations.

ACI provide services in car showroom fit-outs and refurbishment. Whether you need an update to your current site or opening a brand new showroom in a new location, our team of designers and fitters will be dedicated to creating a modern, practical, user-friendly space for your company and customers to enjoy. We have access to the best materials and technologies to ensure the fit out process is smooth and successful ranging from initial plans to final touches.

Get a bespoke car showroom design to embody your brand and create confidence in your customers. Get in touch today on 0115 697 1943 or visit our car showroom page for more information.