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Restaurants and bars aren’t just about the food and drink. It’s about the full experience. When visiting a restaurant, bar, pub or cafe, customers are looking for the full package, including good customer service, a comfortable environment, atmosphere and quality produce. When running this type of establishment, business owners will have the interior high on their list. When it comes to commercial interior design, restaurant trends can vary depending on the type of cuisine, vibe and branding, meaning there are a wide range of different styles and directions to choose from.

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Restaurant interior design trends 2024

The food and beverage industry is extremely broad, made up of a selection of different themes and interiors. Although no restaurant looks the same, here are a few of the top trends in restaurant interior design for 2024 so far.

  • Technology software: introducing technology into restaurants has resulted in optimised efficiency and service. Tech is now being used for things such as ordering, payments and reviews to keep business running smoothly and reduce the need for physical interaction and queuing systems.
  • LED lighting: one of the biggest trends in commercial design at the moment is the use of LED lights and signs, either in the style of a slogan or logo. These signs add ambience and fun to a space whilst providing the business itself with customisation and innovation.
  • Greenery and florals: inviting the outside world into an inside space provides a relaxing atmosphere that looks good and even provides health benefits. Many restaurants are now using indoor plants in their interiors to add some life and organic presence. Whether it’s small plants on the tables or a giant flower wall on the entrance, businesses use these accessories to add colour and texture whilst also fitting into social trends and ‘Instagram-worthy’ content.
  • Luxury washrooms: more companies are now not only decorating their main restaurants and dining areas but are also taking the time to refurbish washrooms and toilets in order to create an optimum experience. Even after a delicious meal, if a customer walks into a dirty, run-down toilet, this can completely tarnish their view of the business. Restaurant washrooms are now being designed in a much more modern, sleek way, involving tech, automation and minimalist design features.
  • Soft furnishings: although having comfortable seating has always been a key part of the restaurant industry, businesses are now, more than ever, opting for a large degree of soft furnishings including booths, sofas, stools and padded chairs.
  • Murals and art: creating large pieces of artwork brings a sense of originality, character and boldness into a space. More commercial environments are beginning to bring murals and art into the interior, adding a sense of brand identity and attractiveness. These pieces typically fit into the theme of the restaurant and may also match with accessories such as table wear, menus and crockery.
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Key features of successful restaurant interior design

As part of the hospitality industry, restaurants and any other food and beverage business will have common features to consider when it comes to designing and refurbishing a space. These features can help with aspects such as customer retention, revenue and sales, experience and reviews, health and safety and branding. Here are some of the main key features involved in successful restaurant interior design:

Layout and space planning

Efficient space planning results in space optimisation, smooth operations and an improvement in customer comfort. When planning any business or fit-out, the layout will be one of the first things to consider as this will dictate where furniture and fixtures are placed. For restaurants specifically, this stage is critical as it will be used to place tables and chairs which in turn, impact a customer experience as well as other features such as the bar, reception, waiting areas, kitchen facilities and washrooms.

To get a deeper understanding of layouts and placements, have a read through our space planning guide.


Lighting in any commercial setting can impact the overall feel of a space and the atmosphere created. For the restaurant industry, this is super important in terms of the vibe the company is going for and what fits into their brand. For example, a local cafe might opt for a lot of natural light and warm colours whereas an evening jazz bar will be more suited to mood lighting and cooler tones. Lighting combined with colour schemes and furniture can intensify a place and truly impact the dining experience.

Colour and fabrics

Typically linked to branding, the colours used throughout restaurants can vary depending on the look and theme. Colour can also have a direct impact on mood and feelings, so many business owners will have this in mind when deciding on their palettes. Colours can be decided depending on the brand, the type of cuisine, traditions, location, characteristics and physiological impacts.

Furniture choice

The furniture used within a restaurant will have a huge impact on both the aesthetic and the customer experience. If a customer is uncomfortable when eating or drinking, this can completely ruin their time and possibly put them off returning in the future. Furniture must be comfortable, placed with consideration and fit into the design of the space. Businesses must also consider ergonomics to ensure comfort is optimisation but movement through the building is not restricted.

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Commercial interior design by Advanced Commercial Interiors

Commercial interior design comes in all shapes and sizes. With restaurant design, it’s no different. Staying efficient while taking on board your ideas to create a space that you love too is important to us. That’s why we work with you to design an interior that works for you and can help the business and customer numbers grow.

Using CAD systems and interior experiences, our team of designers will create a space that reflects your brand and also meets all the relevant regulations. So, if you are looking for a company to take on the commercial interior design process for your new space, give us a call today on 0115 939 7572 to see how we can help. We’re happy to talk more about our fit out and refurbishment services across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Birmingham