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With energy prices rising all the time, business owners and families across the UK are always looking for the best energy deals. Find out how to find the cheapest electricity and gas to reduce your energy bills this winter no matter whether you’re running an office or warming your home.

With energy bills rising at an alarming rate across Europe, business owners and families are looking to find the best deals on their energy to reduce their bills as much as possible. Finding good energy deals isn’t always easy at the moment, but we can help you to get the best prices on both gas and electricity.

Finding the cheapest electricity

One of the best ways to find cheap electricity is to check comparison sites. They do most of the work for you, comparing the prices of electricity from different suppliers and telling you which ones are the cheapest in your area.

At the moment, the cheapest electricity tariffs are usually just suppliers sticking to the price cap, which means that opting for a variable rate tariff is the best option. However, over the coming year, if energy prices begin coming down, you may find that shopping around for the best fixed-rate tariffs is a better idea.

Finding the cheapest gas

Price comparison sites can also help you to find cheap electricity, and often opting for a dual fuel tariff – which means that you get your gas and electricity from the same supplier – is cheaper and simpler than paying two separate bills. Otherwise, you could bring your gas prices down by upgrading to a more efficient boiler or insulating your office to prevent heat loss and reduce your energy consumption. You might want to check whether you’re eligible to apply for the boiler upgrade scheme first.

Finally, whether you’re shopping around for gas or electricity, switch to paying by direct debit to reduce your bills by £100 or more a year on average.

Switching to renewable sources

Another way to reduce your energy bill is to switch to more renewable sources. While most ‘green’ energy suppliers in the UK charge similar rates to other energy suppliers, you could reduce your bills by getting your green energy directly from the source.

Installing solar panels is one way to do this. Solar panels aren’t cheap to install, but they continue producing free energy for your business or home for years to come with minimal maintenance. Most solar panel suppliers say that you’ll break even on your solar panels by year 10, with every year after that representing real savings.