Why Choosing the Right Chair can Make all the Difference

When you’re designing a new office, choosing office furniture and, in particular, chairs can often come after the ‘more pressing’ elements have been decided. However, it’s something employers have to prioritise as staff discomfort can lead to a whole host of problems.

With the average office employee spending around 8 hours a day at a desk, being comfortable can have an important effect on overall satisfaction at work. A study by Staples reported that 54% of respondents said if they could make a single change to improve their comfort at work it would be a new chair. Ergonomics is therefore a key concern for those based predominantly in an office and something that should be top of the list for employees. Here’s a few reasons why choosing the right chair can make all the difference.

Being comfortable boosts productivity

Being comfortable at work can reduce fatigue and boost overall productivity in the office. You know the feeling when you’re uncomfortable. It can make you strain at your desk and adopt a position that is far from ergonomic. However, with the right support and comfort a chair can change the way you and your team work for the better.

It can prevent absenteeism

In 2015, a staggering 23 million working days were lost in the UK because of office related ill health. Furthermore over 500,000 of these cases were linked to musculoskeletal issues. Research has directly linked staff chairs will health complaints that are costing companies millions in sick pay.

Therefore, investing in the right chair for your staff can dramatically reduce absenteeism and any future health complaints that may surface further down the line.

Tailored options to suit different people

Another great benefit of office chairs is that they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be adjusted to suit just about any position meaning staff can move freely without straining. Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the perfect chair for your team.

To sum up

It’s easy to take your office chair for granted and neglect the damage it can do if it’s not designed for the way you work. When you invest in the right office chair you solve a whole host of problems and make for a much more productive work day.

As part of our space planning and office refurbishment services, we’re able to provide ergonomic office furniture that will help keep your staff comfortable while they work.

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