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Gone are the days when offices purely served a purpose, when grey carpets and dreary booths ruled the waves. Now, office design is taken far more seriously as companies strive to boost staff morale and endeavour to provide spaces which provide the sense of wellbeing people increasingly look for.

Commercial Interior Design is an industry that is influenced by many external factors such as technology and employee wellbeing. It therefore constantly changes, so, to keep you up to speed, here’s 2019’s most popular commercial interior design trends.

1. A User-First Approach to Office Design

Not so long ago, it was common practice for office designers to put colour palettes and accessories first. They would dream up grandiose plans that looked great on paper but didn’t translate so well to the actual office.

Now in 2019, designers are focusing far more on how space will be used and the user experience created. They study the users and take into account everything from age, gender, interests, working styles and education to better understand overall needs.

Once this data has been reviewed, office designers are using it to inform their decisions when creating user-first spaces. This approach helps to create offices that are as practical and user-friendly as they are stylish.

Meeting room from aci

2. Wellness

It’s a concept that’s caused quite a storm in recent years, changing the way we approach our working life. No longer seen as a passing craze, well-being is now a key feature in many business strategies.

This is since countless studies have demonstrated that staff wellbeing is directly related to productivity, health, morale and overall job satisfaction. Office designers are fully up to speed on this and in 2019, place wellbeing high on the priority list.

From sleep pods and calmer spaces for relaxation to fitness studios to encourage physical wellbeing, office design is embracing this key element. It is also clear in the more practical areas of the office, including quiet pods for confidential work and reducing the desk footprint to promote agile working.

3. Bolstering a Sense of Community

It’s clear to see in 2019 that communal spaces are a key element in office design. Once upon a time, work was a place where you clocked in, got your head down and went home. Relationships with colleagues were more of an afterthought and not often encouraged in a social way.

Now, however, according to the Scientific American Journal, there is ‘mounting evidence to suggest that relationships should be a public health priority.’ As we become more aware of mental health in the workplace, creating communities has become a key priority for many businesses in 2019.

Workspaces which encourage social interaction are becoming more commonplace. Some office buildings now boast roof gardens and business lounges where staff can mix and enjoy social events. Others use break-out spaces and larger kitchens to encourage staff to get away from the desk and socialise with colleagues at lunch.

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4. The Rise of ‘Resimercial’ Office Design

‘Resimercial’ is defined as the coming together of home and office interiors in an office setting. Think homely sofas, kitchens and even beds! It’s a craze that’s sweeping the commercial design world and shows no sign of going anywhere soon.

It’s a shift away from traditional, rigid office design to a warmer, more comforting vibe. This trend has been linked to wellbeing in that it makes staff feel more relaxed in their working environment. Designers are increasingly using the type of furniture you would find at home to create happier, more inviting spaces.

Resimercial design is also a reflection on how offices are changing. No longer are people bound to a set desk with a designated screen. Thanks to technology and agile working, they are able to move around freely and work where they like. Whether that’s on a sofa with a laptop or in a meeting room on an iPad.

With this trend, however, it’s all about striking a balance. Go too far and the office could start to look more shabby chic than practical. Cushions, couches and homely furnishings are great in moderation. It’s important to remember that the office needs to be practical too.

5. Technological Focus on Design

It goes without saying now that technology is an essential part to any office. In 2019, this element plays a key role in how offices are designed.
The Internet of Things (IOT) has been a key player in office design trends this year. From personalised heating and lighting solutions to meeting room booking systems; smarter offices are actively enhancing productivity.

Technology is also assisting office design when it comes to way-finding. As it’s now less common for staff to have set desks, new solutions are enabling people to book desks and locate other colleagues.

Rhodes image 5 1 from aci

To Sum Up

Various factors and forces have and will continue to impact commercial office design. From staff wellbeing to technology, the way we view and work in the modern office is changing. As designers continue to embrace this, offices are becoming more desirable places to work.

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