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Office ergonomics may not be something you’ve spent over-long considering. This is a mistake, given how much time most of us spend in an office. Here are eight ideas to mull over to improve the ergonomics and general feel of yours.


I sit lite from aciYour chair should follow the natural curves of your spine. Anything else is a shortcut to back and neck pain. Don’t forget to check chair height. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, and your feet flat to the floor, or on a footrest. If you have an armrest, make sure it’s the right level. Too high, and your shoulders will be around your ears. Too low, and you might as well not have one at all. A comfortable office chair really can make the difference between living pain free and having consistent back problems. The chair pictured is the Elite Furniture I-Sit Light, call us on 0121 339 5910 if you would like a quote for it.

Computer Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

You should be able to see, and use, your monitor without twisting, over-reaching, or squinting. This means it ought to be at arm’s length, directly in front of you. No light, whether natural or artificial, should shine onto it. It’s usually most comfortable to line up the top of the screen so it’s at, or just below, your eye level. Your mouse should be within easy reach. If you don’t use a trackpad, ensure you have a good mouse mat.


Sit stand desk from aci Make sure you can get your knees underneath. Crossing your legs isn’t good for either circulation or posture. However, it is a useful way of determining if the desk gives you sufficient room. Your desk surface should be as clear as possible. Anything you use regularly, particularly the telephone, should be within easy reach. Sit/Stand desks are an excellent ergonomic solution as they allow the desk to be adjusted at any given point to allow you to stand while you work. Standing while working has numerous health benefits including reduction of back pain, strengthening of the core muscles and even reduced risk of obesity. The desk pictured is the Electric Height Adjustable Elite ‘I’ Sit Stand Desk, again, call us on 0121 339 5910 if you’d like us to quote you on the supply of any office furniture and we’ll be happy to help.


Cradling a phone between ear and neck, while also trying to type, is a shortcut to neck problems. Avoid these with a headset or, if possible, make use of the speakerphone facility.

Fresh air & natural light

Student 849825 1920 from aci It’s more difficult if yours is the sort of office where the windows don’t open, and you rely on air-conditioning. If that’s you, all we can suggest is that you take a lunchtime walk. If it isn’t, open the windows. Apart from anything else, it helps dissipate the smell of other people’s lunches. Again, not something you’ll have much control over, but working in an environment that is rich in natural light has been proven to not only have benefits in terms of mood, but also overall productivity — so definitely one to tell your boss about!


Bonsai 509071 1920 from aci Most of us like a bit of greenery. And don’t forget the role plants play in oxygenating the air. Who knew that a spider plant could help you stay awake on a Friday afternoon? If you’re not the green-fingered type, consider cacti. They’re very forgiving when you never water them, and grow in an amusing variety of shapes.

Something nice to look at

We’re not necessarily suggesting full-on fairy lights, just something that lifts your spirits. After all, planners and whiteboards aren’t exactly mind candy. What about a calendar – the sort with pictures? Alternatively, a couple of photographs, postcards, or a cheap print of a favourite picture?


This one’s more for those of you who have a home office. If that’s you, don’t dismiss the idea out of hand. Watching fish swim around a tank is immensely calming, which could be just the job after a tricky phone call.

Office furniture by Advanced Commercial Interiors

Whatever your office furniture requirement, our team can help. From agile working offices for transient workers to collaborative and project-based spaces, to simple upgrades of traditional desking, seating and storage. We ensure that your office furniture is not just attractive, but it’s also comfortable and practical, as staff comfort and well-being at work is a hugely important considerations for employers in the modern workplace.
For more information on our furniture services, visit our furniture page or give us a call on 0121 339 5910.