Warehouse Shelving From aci

Our innovative warehouse shelving systems are designed to meet and exceed the ever changing needs of today’s storage and handling requirements. Whether you want to store large boxes or small widgets, one or a combination of our shelving systems will solve your storage problems.

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Mobile Warehouse Shelving

(commonly known as roller racking) delivers high density, efficient storage, efficient retrieval and a cost effective method of utilising valuable floor space. Mobile shelving is extremely effective in saving space by eliminating the need for several access aisles, as the shelving moves along floor tracks so space for only one aisle is needed. By using one of our mobile systems you may be able to double the capacity of filing/storage or free up more valuable floor space for other uses. Choose from light duty modular systems for the office through to bespoke options for archives, retail stockrooms, museums and medical records facilities. You can even choose whether to move the bases manually by means of push / pull handles, mechanically by means of multi ratio geared hand wheels or electrically via a push button mounted at the end of each run, this will automatically move the mobile bases along the floor mounted tracks with no real effort at all from the user. Why hide your mobile away in a new or existing store room? You can ‘glam up’ your mobile installation to enhance your office environment and you never know it may even become a focal point!
All of our shelving systems are compatible with our mobile systems and often we can re-use your existing shelving bays – we don’t like waste here at aci™ and we certainly don’t want to waste your money!

Unirack Shelving

The main warehouse shelving system that we offer is Unirack and we offer this through our sister company — Unirack Warehouse Shelving.

Unirack Shelving is an extremely economic shelving system. Unirack caters for a wide variety of applications, from industrial through to office usage. It can achieve shelf loads of up to 310kgs and is suitable for the construction of single bays through to two and three tier structures up to 12 metres in height. The system is bright zinc plated, which not only means that it looks good, but it is also scratch resistant. The shelves are located quickly and easily and require no bolts, they are fully adjustable on a vertical pitch of 33mm. There are an extensive range of bay sizes available to suit every application and accessories include garment hanging rails, shelf dividers, bin fronts and shelf troughs.
aci™ supply Unirack with the end frames pre-assembled so that the installation time on site is reduced and in over 50% of cases our customers erect the shelving themselves, such is the ease in which the system goes together!

HI280 is the next generation of industrial shelving systems from Dexion.
This newly created shelving system not only looks smart but was designed from the word go to make the nut and bolt ‘old school’ systems redundant and offers additional benefits such as being fully galvanised, modular in construction, slots-together for ease of installation and is versatile with a large choice of heights, depths and widths.

Dexion Impex Shelving is simply the UK’s best-loved, most-used slot-together shelving system. It’s a remarkably capable system, with no limits to the scale you can build on, or the amount you can store. If you’re one of the many thousands of Impex users, you’ll find spares, repairs and accessories for your Impex right here.

Dexion Longspan Shelving lives up to its name, with uninterrupted shelf widths of as much as 2925mm: perfect for long, bulky or heavy items. With heights up to 5000mm, Longspan is also the fastest way to build rigid, tough, high-capacity shelves where ordinary shelving won’t do.

Dexion Slotted Construction Angle is quickly and easily cut to size, bolted together to form frameworks which can be readily modified or completely dismantled and the components re-used. The only limitation is your imagination!

Dexion Maxi Bins complement our industrial shelving systems, wherever small parts need to be kept in an orderly, efficient and accessible way. With Maxi Bins, you can store literally thousands of items in a single bay of shelving, knowing you’re not wasting an inch of space!

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