Cool Technology That is Transforming the Modern Office

When you hear of cool new technology and introduce it to your home, do you ever stop to think about the positive impact it could have on your office? From coffee machines to speakers, technology is really shaping the modern office and providing a better work-life balance than ever before.

To help show you how, we’ve rounded up some cool gadgets that are currently changing the way many businesses work.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast
Image Credit: Wired

Whilst this handy gadget may be marketed as a way to transform your TV at home, its potential in the office shouldn’t be underestimated.

Google Chromecast is basically a dongle which connects to screens via the HDMI port, powered by micro USB. Once connected, the device uses the wifi network to connect to your smartphone or tablet and enables you to ‘cast’ content to the TV.

So, aside from casting all of your favourite Netflix shows, how does this nifty device help you in a professional capacity?

  1. Mirror your laptop display to a large meeting room screen. Ok, this is nothing new but it saves the headache of wires, connection points and having to sit next to the screen when giving a presentation.
  2. Cast any website to the screen. This is ideal for demonstrating new websites, going through a large document in a meeting or sharing design work. Basically, any kind of web content you want to share in a larger meeting.
  3. Watch videos. We’re not talking about catching up on BBC iPlayer here, the ability to watch videos is ideal for a range of companies whether you want to share a new marketing promo ad or re-watch a speech from your last AGM.
  4. A virtual flip-chart. Still wasting paper with a traditional flip-chart? Why not switch to CastPad for Chromecast? This allows you to cast hand-drawn notes from your device onto the larger screen – perfect for mind-mapping sessions with the team!


SONOS Speaker
Image Credit: Smart Home Sounds

Do you still argue over what radio station to play in the office? Difficult to please everyone, right? Instead of resorting to anti-social headphones, why not give the Sonos Smart Speaker a go?

The shared wifi enabled speaker is changing the way music is enjoyed in the office. Take Manhattan based PR firm, Codeword. Using a number of Sonos speakers around the office, the company empowers its staff to add to the shared playlist, encouraging them to take out their earphones.

New starters are welcomed with a debrief of their ’10 Sonos Commandments’ which is a rundown of the basic user rules like ‘own your skip’ and ‘express yourself.’ All designed to bring their office community a little closer.

However, the Sonos isn’t just about music, as Kyle Monson, Codeword CEO explained, he often uses it for his own privacy. When discussing private matters, he and his co-founder will adjust the volume on the nearest speaker to avoid anyone overhearing their conversation.

“I don’t want to sit in an office with a door closed. I want us out in public. But there are moments when we’re talking about someone, or salaries, or a new hire,” he said. “It’s like in The Americans: when they think the room is bugged, they’ll turn on the faucet or the shower. That’s us.”

If you’re considering investing in a Sonos system for your office, here’s a few tips to consider.

The Wipebook Scan

Image Credit: Subterran Vision

If you’re on a mission to go as paperless as possible then the Wipebook Scan could be music to your ears. It’s not unusual for employees to burn through notepads when in meetings, mind mapping or just taking phone calls. So, imagine a notebook that you could wipe clean. Cue the Wipebook Scan.

This is basically a mini whiteboard in the form of a notepad which allows you to change, edit and erase your notes on the go. The real cherry on the cake is the free app you can download which enables you to scan every page to your favourite cloud provider (i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox) and start again!

The Titan Security Key

Image Credit: About Chromebooks

Used in the Google offices, this two-factor authentication device protects users from harmful phishing attacks. By acting as an added security step (aside from your password) this gadget prevents any unauthorised access to your systems.

The $50 key protects your online accounts such as Google, Dropbox and Facebook, meaning that your sensitive information will stay private. Just don’t lose it! If you do, you’ll have to wait for Google to reset your password which can take 3-5 days.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Image Credit:

If you and your team care about coffee, a jar of instant and a kettle probably won’t cut the mustard. So, you’ll be glad to know that the coffee industry is also embracing technology and the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine is the perfect example.

Using a Centrifusion brewing method, this coffee machine brews the perfect cup of coffee, ideal for that afternoon slump. With 25 blends and four cup sizes, you can please everyone in the office. Plus, Nespresso offer a convenient recycling service so you won’t have to worry about waste.

Other coffee machines are available!


Image Credit: Sigfox Partner Network

In the fast paced environment most of us now live in, simple tasks such as ordering more office stationery or booking in the printer servicing can get forgotten. So, what better than a simple button you can press to do those actions for you.

The Bttn can be programmed to do whatever action its user sees fit. So, in offices, employees could use it for booking meeting rooms, notifying people when someone arrives for a meeting or for managing workflows. The possibilities are endless and, judging by how enticing and ‘pressable’ the bttn is, forgetting tasks will become a thing of the past.

If you’d like to learn more about how technology can have a positive impact on your office, we’d be happy to help. Also, remember that all of these little gadgets can be used in a home office too. For some free advice, give us a call us on 0115 939 7572 or visit our contact page.