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Full office Refurbishment for PFK Smith Cooper – Nottingham

Project Overview

The client’s brief included the following objectives: revitalising the reception area, modernising meeting rooms, expanding workstation capacity, improving common areas, and optimising the archive room.

The goal was to elevate both productivity and aesthetics within the workspace. This comprehensive transformation was underpinned by a dedication to crafting a workspace that not only fulfilled the functional requirements of its occupants but also cultivated an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being.

The Solution

The office underwent a renovation that brought about significant transformation. The reception area saw a revival with new flooring, furniture, and branding (see below). Strategic changes in seating, tables, and decorations were meticulously executed in the boardroom and meeting rooms, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

The entire office, purposefully designed, accommodates 50 workstations with agile areas. Beyond workspaces, upgrades extended to tea points, washrooms, and the shower room, including new racking in the archive room. These enhancements, featuring fresh decorations, updated ceiling tiles, and repositioned floor boxes, aimed to elevate the overall office environment for improved efficiency and aesthetics.

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