Office Storage Solutions

Safe file storage and quick retrieval of your company’s paper documents is essential for the day to day functioning of any business. Paper is so prolific in some businesses and this is made even more apparent as we strive to improve working conditions whilst maintaining efficiency and future flexibility.

Here at aci™ we can take this a step further by giving your business the latest in office storage systems that offer all the essential prerequisites, whilst saving floor space, reducing the retrieval time and enhancing the look of your office.

We have a practical yet imaginative range of office storage products designed to keep your business functioning at its optimum level. Innovation in the office storage market is at its peak, giving us (and you) access to constantly changing products that are available to solve every office’s needs for the storage of items such as folders, lever arch files, hanging suspension files, CD’s etc.

Our free commercial interior consultation and design service can provide you with CAD drawings and layouts to see how your storage would look, what space you will save and what storage density will be achieved.

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Please take a look below to see some of our latest office storage solutions:

Storage Wall is the ultimate solution to alleviating office clutter whilst achieving a modern and attractive working environment. The system is fitted from floor to ceiling to maximise storage, is of modular design and customised / optimised to get the most from your office space. The modular construction of storage wall makes it exceptionally flexible with a wide variety of storage and decorative finish options. Shelf heights and depths are determined by your specification and other options such as audio visual equipment can incorporated into the design, it can even be installed instead of an office partition!

Mobile Shelving (commonly known as roller racking) delivers high density, efficient storage, efficient retrieval and a cost effective method of utilising valuable floor space. Mobile shelving is extremely effective in saving space by eliminating the need for several access aisles, as the shelving moves along floor tracks so space for only one aisle is needed. By using one of our mobile systems you may be able to double the capacity of filing/storage or free up more valuable floor space for other uses. Why hide your mobile away in a new or existing store room? You can ‘glam up’ your mobile installation to enhance your office environment and you never know it may even become a focal point!

Slide-a-Side is the perfect storage solution if you only have a narrow area or room available to accommodate your office storage. The giveaway is in the name, to operate the system one bay of shelving is moved to one side to enable the user to access the bay to the rear of the system. Any of our office shelving systems can be fitted to the bases, giving you a host of storage solutions to solve most of the modern office’s needs.

Revolving or Rotary storage units are innovative filing concepts, delivering up to 400% more capacity than conventional filing units. The concept is simple in design consisting of a double sided rotating unit, allowing the user to access two full sides of filing from one point. A simple foot pedal provides complete and safe control and each unit can be locked individually. The concept is so effective it can house the contents of 17 four drawer filing cabinets in just 3 units!

Vertical Carousels house shelves which rotate within the unit presenting the media to the user at a convenient and safe working height. The units are bespoke for each location, giving the most efficient use of space and maximising storage capacity. File location control systems can be incorporated and we can even install through two floors with access on both levels, for quicker retrieval times. For added security and document protection, fire detection and prevention systems are available so that, in the unfortunate event of a fire, you will have peace of mind that your documents will be safe.

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